A Pattern of Hate, Lies & Delusion from Supporters of Duterte

I do not think there’s ever been a candidate as popular as Rodrigo Duterte.


He has a cult following that excels at harassment. It can be accurately described as an online mob geared towards a singular purpose: the lynching of those who have different ideas.

Just ask these celebrities who have experienced the feeling of being trampled on.

  1. Mo Twister
  2. Gab Valenciano
  3. Carlos Celdran
  4. Kitchie Nadal


Not only do his followers attack, they also share what would normally be considered unbelievable propaganda. We need not look far for proof of these assertions. Facebook is replete with memes of:

  1. Pope Francis supporting Duterte.
  2. Jollibee supporting Duterte.
  3. President Obama supporting Duterte.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.17.18 PM.png

And strangely, people believe it, forcing institutions to come out to deny the lies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.26.19 PM.png


Following the mayor’s belief structure, which has since been echoed at an exponential rate by his followers:

  1. Davao is one of the safest cities in the world.
  2. Mayor Duterte can end crime in 3-6 months.
  3. We should pay the NPA’s revolutionary taxes.
  4. Death squads are OK; only criminals need fear.
  5. Fondling women is fine “macho” behavior.
  6. Releasing plunderers like Arroyo is OK.
  7. Purchase of jets for the PH is a stupid idea.
  8. Children should be whipped by the police.
  9. Death by hanging should be reinstated.
  10. Ferdinand Marcos should receive a hero’s burial.
  11. Algebra, Calculus, Trigo are useless subjects.
  12. A communist rebel is not a criminal.
  13. A communist leader deserves a hero’s burial.

When facts are presented, however, the cult-following blindly ignores reputable sources. Instead the mob sputters out its own interpretations. In their world, armchair opinion is a greater cudgel than the truth.

Very recently, the Philippine National Police made a report of cities in the Philippines with the highest crime figures:


The data shows Davao City being number 4 in the list.

Davao? Crime-prone?!? But the gospel truth has preached the opposite!

Obviously, this information did not sit well with the cult:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.01.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.01.50 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.02.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.02.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.03.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.03.55 PM.png


Based on the above cases, we can glean the reason for the Mayor’s popularity.

He is appreciated most:

  1. by those who enjoy mob rule,
  2. by those who propagate lies, and
  3. by those who like to delude themselves.

He claims to have the ability to lead, to exact discipline. The fact that he does not exert effort to do so is troubling.

If he is unable to discipline the disciples then the tagline “Duterte Disiplina” falls short. The promise of a better, more disciplined Philippines becomes a lie only sweet in the telling.

If he simply refuses to do so, then you can see the future of a country run with “Duterte Leadership” – lies, hate, delusion & violence.


If you cannot lead your own supporters, what makes you think you can lead a nation?

The pattern of hate, lies & delusion from the cult exists.

And its leader, its false god, watches in appreciation and amusement as the cult propels him towards the presidency.


25 thoughts on “A Pattern of Hate, Lies & Delusion from Supporters of Duterte”

  1. Filipinos will have to be abysmally stupid, and must have an economic death wish, to elect Duterte for Pres. Don’t his supporters understand that failing economics & violating human rights are no laughing matters? Unless they have a macabre sense of humor–because the joke’s on them.


    1. Yeah like whoever candidate you’re supporting is. Fact of the matter is we as filipinos have been fucked so hard in the ass for so long that most of us dont mind it just like yourself. Stupid idiot just like this blogger. Youre just a pretentious idiot feeling you’ve all figured it out when in reality youve done nothing for this country.


      1. Someone’s obviously butthurt.

        The fact remains, Duterte’s image as a macho, decisive leader is exagerated. And a lot of his minions are spreading lies on top of lies… and they feel good about.


  2. The people have the right to choose the kind of government they want for themselves. That is not too much to ask. And what do the people want these days? Simple. They want order, respect of the law, and the end of unbridled corruption. Now it just so happens that Duterte seems to offer the best chance for these simple wish of the people to materialize.

    Duterte will become the next President.

    Rant all you want, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. As a representative form government, which Democracy is supposed to be, the government or this whole bunch of elected and appointed officials forming the government , should represent the will of the people. And as said, the will or wish of the people is simple, pretty simply: peace and order and equal opportunity so that everybody, the poorest included can work his own way up to at least the minimum level of decency and economic status.

      All past presidents and administration had failed on this simple duty: To truly represent the people. That is why Duterte is matunog kasi, he has shown in Davao that he truly put the people’s need, safety and protection as No. 1, instead of putting the interests of the shadow government, the Illuminati, who is behind the past presidents of the Philippines !


    2. Duterte isn’t the only candidate who is capable of achieving what the people are clamoring for. He has promised to end crime in just a matter of six months. How do you think he would be able to achieve such a feat? What measures do you think would he have to take to extinguish crime in a span of six months? Do you think those measure are respectable of the law? What happens when he fails?

      This election is a battle between the educated and the ignorant, between law-abiding citizens and crooks. One of the biggest flaws of Democracy is that elections often become a ‘popularity contest’ wherein the winner is decided based on his/her popularity. The very reason why this is flawed is that popular candidates would focus on stimulating the ’emotions’ of the populace rather than focusing on common sense, academic wisdom and just plain simple reason. This populism would produce negative ideas that would be strictly defended by legions of brainwashed supporters regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

      Unless you improve the quality of living in this country, there will always be crime. With Democracy, there will always be corruption. Corruption is present in every democratic country.

      Duterte doesn’t offer the ‘best’ chance. This country does not need a leader who promises to give what the people ‘want.’ It needs a leader who would give what the people ‘need.’

      So instead of ‘extinguishing’ crime, why don’t our leaders focus on improving the quality of our education instead? Why don’t they focus on building schools and improving the education system of this country? Why don’t they focus on providing better health care and benefits especially for the elderly and those who are incapable of acquiring health services? Why don’t they focus on reducing the taxes imposed on the people, as well as the unnecessary taxes that prevent foreign investments from coming in? Why don’t they focus on researching sustainable power sources so that the people don’t have to pay soaring amounts from their electrical bill?
      Opening more jobs for the people, raising the salaries of our hardworking Filipino professionals such like our teachers, nurses, etc. Provide more opportunities for the Filipino people so that they don’t have to leave the country or enter illegal practices just to feed their families.
      Why don’t our leaders focus on improving the lives of their people?

      The end of crime would only do little to help improve our lives. Also, the end of crime is realistically impossible as long as there is poverty, inequality and other factors.

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      1. Well said. Question is how do you end centuries of indifference and mis-education, when mendicancy and the dole-out mentality are becoming the practice rather than the exception; when politicians shell out thousands of pesos for a vote and the hapless voter expects it. Which here is the chicken and which is the egg. We, the people must initiate the change we need, whether through education or something else because politicians will always keep people in bondage; that furthers there ambition and dynasty. How many families in this country are running unopposed in the coming May elections? The answer to that will tell you the rut we have fallen to. We are a beautiful country and Filipinos are some of the most hardworking people in the world. I wonder why we cannot shine and deliver when we are here.

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      2. I have a bachelors degree but yes you can call me ignoramus. We are the people who want change in the status quo. Given that it is only Duterte who commits on shaking up the system, he will get our vote. I am also a Catholic. Duterte is not pro life nor anti contraception but I agree with him. He is practical, pragmatic and most of all no one is accusing him of corruption( with enough evidence that can stand in the court).


    3. You think Duterte is a sure winner? Think again… Survey says Duterte 30%, Poe 25%, Binay 20%, Roxas 19% and Miriam 2%. I am a Roxas supporter. But, if on the last minute I see that Roxas will have a hard fight I can still vote for my second choice Grace Poe.


      1. And who’s thinking is flawless, yours? Your kind of thinking did not bring any change in this country.


  3. You make it sound like this is the first time such an unusual thing has happened when it already had happen with Rabid Marcos(especially them) and Aquino supporters have been going at it like this for decades. I wonder why people never called them out with articles like this for decades but all of a sudden with Duterte gaining support for this election, Duterte supporters get called out. I really find it strange as if those 2 factions(Marcos and Aquino) are just really in cahoots with each other and now they face actual competition.

    I think I should be getting a tinfoil hat and call me crazy but it’s as if majority of the people who are doing the “threats” and “harrasment” are fake people and just paid shills by Aquino/Marcos supporters. Only they have the machinery and MONEY to make it happen considering them timing is all so sudden.


  4. is this another Roxas, Poe or Binay’s propaganda? scared and threatened with Duterte’s recent survey lead? you can’t stop the people from voting him. The country and the filipinos are thirsty with REAL CHANGE!


    1. “is this another Roxas, Poe or Binay’s propaganda?”

      Typical response of Duterturd.

      I wonder how you are so confident with this “REAL CHANGE” you speak of when there’s no real equivalency of the things he has done for Davao City and the things he can do for the whole country.


  5. Look whats happening in our country after the reignh of marcos..we gain the so called democracy through people power..the struggle of filipino people aspiring for change and better future but do we think it works? After 3 decades of different leadership still were bringing ourselves down..seems no hope for betterment as always corruptions and self interest of leaders are in the top rather than the interest of filipino people. You and i cannot deny the fact that we are a country of corrupt leaders..we are the counrty chaos because of mismanagement, and we are the country of SHAME! we cannot blame people looking for change because we do..if these people has find hope for someone who can make it then its their choice base on their own judgement..and whatever opinion thrown to their selection..no one can take away from their mind. To the author of this article, if the present leaders of our government does not able to provide what the best for filipinos then theres always be a move for changing course because most of us are discontented..


  6. Evryone is entitled to have their own opinion. Salamat for sharing your insight now let me share mine. Sa mga politician na pinupuri niyo, have they ever helped the country and not putting their faces or names on headlines, donations & projects? When calamity strikes, does your politician go straight to where the tragedy is? Does your politician really care about the welfare of the people and lastly does your politician serve the people?
    I can fight for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, because when tragedy strikes he is personally there with his 911 team. He never put his name on any projects nor donations because he knows the projects and donations are funded BY THE PEOPLE! He never took credit for it. The international community has already recognized Davao being one of the safest cities around the world. DILG already awarded Davao City for its peace and order. And to prove our mayor is not corrupt, despite all the funds being used to improve the city (roads, underground powerlines, healthcare, etc), Davao city still has funds to donate millions to other provinces struck by calamities. eto na lang babanggitin ko because there’s too many to mention. Of course, none of you knows this because he never made it public. He is a true public servant, hindi siya credit graber. Now, if your politician can measure up to what he has done, i’ll be more than happy to vote for them but for know, my vote will remain with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Btw, these achievements had been done as a mayor, eh yun mga high ranking politicians niyo, ano ang tunay na nagawa? Thank you for taking time to read this.


  7. the masses are waking up
    they are expressing doubts freely wherever they live
    they dont to worship the wannabe King whos every word is the law and therefore supersedes all the laws protecting the people from the abuse of the government.

    Remember, duterte only got 33% of the votes the las election.
    It wasnt a landslide at all.
    People are now whispering.
    next they will shout
    then they will march


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